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About Us

SOCARE IND (Society’s Care for Indigent)

Mr. V Mani, a retired Assistant General Manager of Reserve Bank of India, who hails from an ordinary lower mid-income background, grew up with good morals and values building a strong foundation in life. While commuting to work every day, he used to pass by the Bangalore Central Jail where he observed children crying outside the gates. With the breadwinner of the family in prison, these children had absolutely no support from society. Before retirement, he decided to contribute towards making life better for these children. With the help and encouragement of his supportive wife, Mrs. Saroji Mani, Socare was born in June 1999. They decided to give his retirement money and all their life earnings, including their own residence, to this valuable cause. His dream has now become reality and everyone has the opportunity to be a part of this noble cause.

Sri Sri Mahaswamiji of Sringeri Sharada Peetam commended the work of Socare Ind and adopted it as a unit of Sri Sharada Peetam in the year 2007, with a commitment to support the cause of Socare Ind.

SOCARE IND (Society’s Care for Indigent) runs free homes for indigent children. A majority of these children are those whose parents are serving long prison sentences in various Jails of Karnataka. Socare Ind provides free comprehensive care for these children including food, health, education,  at three separate facilities in Bangalore and Gulbarga.

Children are selected purely on secular lines, cutting across the barriers of caste, creed and religion. Children are referred by Jail Authorities and State Child Welfare Department.


Bengaluru :

Girls hostel at the founder’s residence at Rajajinagar.

Girls hostel at Laggere, Peenya.

Boys hostel at Laggere, Peenya.

Gulbarga :

Hostel for boys.

A site measuring about 4800 sqft acquired from Gulbarga Development Authorities on long lease for construction of Hostel cum Vocational Training Centre.

This life is short, the vanities of the world are transient, but they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.


By Swami Vivekananda

Outside Support for Education

Socare Ind also provides financial support to children, who by reasons of family exigencies, opt to leave the hostel and to continue their studies in their respective home town. Such financial support is also extended on events like untimely death of parents of children.

Academic achievements:

Considering that almost all the children are first time school goers their academic achievements have been consistently good as revealed by the distinctions scored by many of them in their respective term examinations or courses.

It is our vision to establish an environment to help these children who are otherwise honed by society and exploited by inimical elements, often forcing them to become anti-socials.


60 Children


97 Children

Founder's Message

Late Mr. Mani & Mrs. Saroji Mani


“The hands that do the work are much holier than the lips that pray”.

Socare Ind Theme Song

Composed by V. Mani (Founder)

Help us grow wise, sound and strong
Wise and Strong
Wise and Strong

Teach and guide us, as like yours
Best like you
Best like you

Show us the right path, right speech too
Sure we take
Sure we speak

Point us secret Dharmic ways
Quick we go
Quick we stick

Shape us gentle, kind and grand
Ready we are
Ready we stand

Good man, whole ma, we will grow
Sure will grow
Shape us grow

Pray grace SOCARE IND, as they care
Tender Care
As they care

Many many thanks Sirs, SOCARE dears,
SOCARE peers
SOCARE peers